MP from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Lashes Out Against the Government and Nationalism

The government is facing a collapse according to an MP from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS.)

Stanislav Atanasov from DPS gave a pessimistic and negative assessment of the state of our government: “Sadly, this office was wrongly constructed from the very beginning. One example would be that we have a deputy MP that uses the language of hatred. GERB included the nationalists into power without it being necessary.” Atanasov’s comments come soon after Defense MP Krasimir Karakachanov made some sharp comments about Turkey and the illegal migrants flocking into Bulgaria.

“They made the country susceptible to outside influences,” Atanasov said, all the while urging for Bulgaria to help Turkey to enter the EU – “The democratic society of Turkey needs to be assisted with the negotiations for entering the European Union."

The statements were mostly aimed at discrediting the nationalistic United Patriots coalition, which is sharply opposed to DPS’s more multicultural and pro-Turkey stances.





Alex Dimchev

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