444 Litres of Rakija were confiscated by Customs Agents in the town of Septemvri, Bulgaria

During a customs operation in the region of Pazardjik, a large quantity of illegal alcohol was discovered at a man’s home.

The Customs Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs share their latest success in the fight with contraband. On October 25, 2017 during a search performed at the home of a man living in the town of Septemvri, Bulgaria, the customs agents discovered large quantities of alcohol which had no excise duty paid for them. The alcohol was separated in 16 jerry cans with a volume of 11 litres each and two big barrels. The whole “collection” amounted to 444 litres of confiscated illegal alcohol.

This was just one success of the large-scale operation of the Customs Agency to perform effective checks of tax warehouses and illegitimate establishments for the storage and production of alcohol. During the whole extent of the operation, 1,217 litres of rakija, 6,350 litres of spirit and 304,950 litres of wine and raw material for its manufacturing have been confiscated in accordance with the law for Excise Duty Tax and Tax Warehouses.

(Picture taken from: customs.bg)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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