Bulgarian Police has busted a Migrant Trafficking Canal

With the joint forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Police, the National Security Agency and the Prosecution offices in Sofia, Lom and Vidin, a migrant trafficking canal operating in Bulgaria has been ended.

Six people have been arrested, among which two Pakistani citizens during a bust of a migrant canal in Bulgaria. One man has been released under a bail of 5,000 BGN (€2,500) due to bad health and one more is currently being prosecuted within the boundaries of the EU. The bust has been made successful due to the joint efforts of the prosecution offices in Sofia, Vidin and Lom and the efforts of the Police and the National Security Agency.

The group had specialized in not only smuggling migrants through the Bulgarian border, but delivering them to their final destination in Austria. Two of the group’s members were primarily working in Turkey, trying to find Afghani, Iraqi and Pakistani nationals who were ready to pay sums between €4,000 and €6,000 in order to reach Austria. From Turkey they were taken to a smuggling point on the Bulgarian border. Afterwards, they would reach Sofia where they would be temporary settled. Afterwards their journey would take them to Lom or Vidin, from where they were with boats, they were smuggled in Romania. In Romania, they would be loaded on trucks taking them to Budapest and later on be loaded on cars, which finally took them to Austria.

For payment, the migrants used the Arabic system Havala and the payments were transferred as soon as reaching the end point. A multitude of financial documents has been confiscated, according to which, payment has also been sufficed through companies for international money exchange. The case against the arrested smugglers should enter court as soon as the primary preparations have finished. Hopefully, this success will lead to a slightly safer Europe.

(Picture taken from: mvr.bg)

Bozhidar Lazarov

Bozhidar Lazarov is a freelance writer, hobbyist programmer and an aspired novelist. Feel free to follow him on https://www.minds.com/seriousways for his latest articles and personal projects.

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