The Bulgarian Minister of Defence Scolds an MP on her Movie about Economic Migrants

The Bulgarian Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov scolded the MP Elena Yoncheva on her movie “Border”, which shows how economic migrants jump the fence of Bulgaria’s south border and illegally enter the country.

Krasimir Karakachanov, the Bulgarian Minister of Defence spoke against the MP Elena Yoncheva’s practices. He commented on a movie, which the MP did during her former employment as a journalist. In the movie, she and her crew film how groups of economic migrants jump the fence on the Border with Turkey, without taking any action to stop them. In his words, he would have stopped them with slaps to the face, where she practically invites them for some coffee and candy.

Afterwards, the Defence Minister added that the MP does not act according to her position, but as a journalist who is trying to find a cheap sensation. Of course, some people will manage to jump the fence, but its primary purpose is fulfilled, it stops the influx of foreigners trying to cross the border. Karakachanov also said that the breaches of security are mostly due to the lack of people and proper equipment to secure the border and capture those who try to enter illegally. His solution to the problem is a proposal to send the army to the border, until next year, when additional funding will allow hiring 1,300 more to fill some of the 5,000 free positions.

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