One Miner dead After an Incident at the “Oranovo” mine near Similti, Bulgaria

After a collapse had happened in the “Oranovo” mine in Bulgaria, the 55 year-old miner has been crushed by a trolley. Later on, he passed away at the local hospital.

The “Oranovo” coal mine near Simitli, Bulgaria is a place which, for one reason or another, manages to attract misfortune. In the year of 2013, four miners died there due to a mudslide, in 2015 there was another accident involving a collapse in the mine, in February 2017 another collapse led to a miner getting hospitalized and now, a 55 year-old miner has been crushed by a trolley after a collapse had occurred at the mine. According to local authority, it may take up to a few months of investigation to accurately pin-point the reason for the collapse.

The mayor of Simitli shared some troubling facts concerning the mine. According to him, locals go above the mine and dig for coal, which puts both the civilians and the miners under them in danger. Since the municipality has no say on matters concerning the “Oranovo” mine, national institutions have been notified about the problem multiple times, but to no avail. According to local miners, there is a single layer of coal functioning as a roof of the mine and if it is damaged, there is no idea what the consequences could be. The mayor later added that to him, personally, on the outside the “Oranovo” mine looks like a concentration camp and its current function is the product of criminal privatization. Still, he said that he has no idea on the conditions inside of the mine.

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