Diabetes Charity Scammer Plamen Zhelev Spotted in Vratsa

The notorious charity scammer Plamen Zhelev was spotted in Vratsa. The man roams around Bulgaria, claiming to suffer from a bad case of diabetes. Zhelev begs for donations, claiming that the National Health Insurance Fund doesn’t cover his medication and the pump needed for the distribution of insulin to his body.

Taking advantage of people’s good nature

The story was reported by 24 Chasa. According to rumors floating around social media, Plamen Zhelev has a lavish lifestyle in Blagoevgrad – driving an expensive Audi. Hardly something you’d expect from a diabetic beggar. The Bulgarian Association of Diabetics has urged people not to give money to Plamen, as the equipment he’s claiming to lack is actually covered by the National Health Insurance Fund since 2016.

Sadly, Zhelev continues to operate. He goes around the country, begging for money. He approaches people in the streets, in their offices and apartments, and also spreads posters and slips with bank accounts and donation numbers. Plamen’s performance earns him the sympathy of many kind-hearted, but gullible Bulgarians.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians who are actually suffering from diabetes.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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