Socialist MP: The EU Might Want Its Money Back After Yoncheva's New Film

Elena Yoncheva, one of the most prominent investigative and war journalists in Bulgaria, premiered her new movie, dedicated to the problems on Bulgaria's south-east border - that with Turkey. Yoncheva, who is currently also serving as an MP for the Bulgarian Socialist Party from their civilian quota. The premiere was attended by her colleagues from the BSP and even by the deputy leader of GERB - Tsvetan Tsvetanov. 

One of Yoncheva's colleagues - Slavcho Velikov had something to say about the film. According to Velikov the border fence between Bulgaria and Turkey is a facility created to favor out-of-hand migration and not hinder it. He pointed out that Ms. Yoncheva's movie drew a comparison between our fence and the same facility between Greece and Turkey which cost half the price and is doing a better job at preventing migration. 

"The BBC and Deutsche Welle have already expressed their interest in the movie and it may be that if Europe sees the film it might reconsider the €160 million it gave Bulgaria and want it back," speculated the MP. The movie stresses that the most dangerous area on the border is that between the checkpoints "Lesovo" and "Captain Andreevo" - there is a lack of thermographic cameras and surveillance equipment. Velikov pointed out that stories like that from the other day might be one of the main reasons Bulgaria has no realistic chance of getting into Schengen anytime soon. 

Velikov insisted that someone has to take on the "political responsibility". By that, he meant that someone needs to stand up, admit their wrongs and work for the better functioning of the fence. The Socialist believes that migrations waves are far from over due to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Syria. 

Another highlight of the event was indeed Mr. Tsvetanov's presence. He brought with himself a file with a proposal for changes to the Constitution. If these changes get to pass the government and other institutions will be allowed to investigate the shady privatizations that happened in the 1990s. Mr. Tsvetanov urged the Socialist leader to sign the papers, in hopes that this will create a better dialogue between the government and the opposition. 


Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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