Bulgarian man Caught Driving with 3.48‰ of Alcohol in his Blood

The local police department in Kyustendil,Bulgaria has caught a drunk driver with 3.48‰ of alcohol in his bloodstream. The man was incoherent and was speaking in unintelligible mutters.

Police officers in Kyustendil, Bulgaria have arrested a man for driving under the influence. The man was caught with 3.48‰ of alcohol in his bloodstream. According to charts located on the BRAD site, having 0.4‰ of alcohol in your blood considers you tipsy, 2‰ makes you legally drunk and everything after 3.8‰ may lead to death by alcohol poisoning. By the chart’s measures, the man was a few drinks shy from lethal alcohol poisoning, which explains why he was completely incoherent and was mumbling unintelligible words when questioned.

The happy driver has had a few other accusations for the same crime and has actually been sentenced to three years of probation and his driving license revoked for two years. Now, thanks to his latest achievement, he will serve 6 months of jail on his old sentence, while the new case gets to court and may add some years to his time.

(Picture taken from: khairallahlegal.com)

Bozhidar Lazarov
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