Hurricane Hits the Greek Island of Symi

A hurricane dubbed “Eurydice” hit the Greek island of Symi. There was a huge storm that carried several cars into the sea along with the rising sea level. The streets of the island were flooded with water and mud.

Hurricane in the Aegean Sea.

The authorities are on high alert, with additional firefighter and coastguard units arriving to help with the storm. While there’s been a lot of damage, Eurydice isn’t a large disaster similar to the recent hurricanes in the United States and the Caribbean countries. The prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, was notified.

Symi is a small island near the coast of Anatolia with 2590 people living there as of 2011. The islanders make their living through summer tourism, so this winter hurricane shouldn’t cause that much damage to the livelihood of the population. Eurydice is the name of a nymph from Greek myth. She was the wife of the famous Thracian poet and singer, Orpheus.

Here's a video of the flood:


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