Hospital in Varshetz, Bulgaria rents out rooms to Pensioners for the winter

A Bulgarian hospital has found an innovative way to make use of their empty beds. For the price of 400 BGN (€200), local pensioners may rent one of the free hospital rooms for the winter period.

The Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital “St. Mina”, has found an innovative way to deal with the centre’s few visitations during the winter period. At the hospital, 50 rooms have been prepared for local pensioners who would like to spend the winter there. For the price of 400 BGN (€200) for a regular and 600 BGN (€300) for a luxurious room, the visitors will receive a warm room with a bed, supplied food, constant medical care and the opportunity to have procedures with mineral water performed after a consultation with a doctor.

The “St. Mina” hospital has 250 spaces available all year round. During the summer period, the sanatorium is filled with visitors, but with the coming of the colder days, the visitation rates drop. Renting out rooms to local pensioners is a good way to make sure that the elderly will be safe and cared or during the most difficult period of the year. That is why some of the rooms at the sanatorium have already found their tenants.

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