Children will Benefit Children in need in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

“For Children by Children” is the initiative which youngsters from Veliko Tunovo, Bulgaria have taken to benefit other children who are in need of financial assistance.

On November 15, 2017 a charity event will take place in the “Konstantin Kisimov” theater in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. The event is part of the “For Children by Children” initiative, through which children organize charitable events in favour of peers who are in immediate need of financial assistance. This time, the event is a show, which will be performed by children, on a screenplay provided by the actress Tzanka Tzaneva.

In preparation for the event, children from Veliko Turnovo and Resen have hand-drawn 600 greeting cards, which have been distributed to local businesses and institutions, where they have been traded for 5 BGN (€2.5) each. The greeting cards will also serve as tickets for the show and will grant access not only to the amateur production, but also to a special bazar organized in the lobby of the theatre, the profits of which will be added to the sum collected from the greeting cards. Once the initiative has been finalized, the profits will be sent through the beneficiary fund to the bank accounts of three children who are in need of financial aid to afford medical treatment.

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