Valery Simeonov Proposes Solutions for Solving the Demographic Collapse of Bulgaria

One of the leaders of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, Valery Simeonov, gave a speech on how to end the demographic collapse of Bulgaria.

Simeonov said that the country must increase the birthrates, decrease youth migration, and establish a new policy on emigration. He also pointed out the demographic decrease of 30% Bulgaria had in the last 30 years.

“We are planning on giving aid to families with a third child, as well as approving monthly financial aid to that child until the age of 18. We’re thinking about giving interest-free housing loans to young families or to young people who have higher education. We are also proposing scholarships for young people to universities in the country and abroad, who would be obligated to return to Bulgaria.”

Simeonov also said that the country should have a new emigration system that favors specialists and younger people who can integrate easily in Bulgaria’s society.

(Source – Bulgarian News Agency)

Alex Dimchev

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