Man from Bourgas, Bulgaria crippled more than 40 bats and buried a dozen others Alive

“The Wild Animals” animal protection group has shared a shocking story on their social media accounts. According to them, a man from Bourgas, Bulgaria crippled more than 40 bats and buried alive a dozen more. All bats are protected by Bulgarian law.

After a signal has been issued to the police about a pile of bats under an apartment complex in Bourgas, Bulgaria, “The Wild Animals” eco organization answered the call. At the site they discovered a pile of 56 bats, 16 of them were already dead, while the rest had multiple fractures and other injuries. After a short investigation, they discovered where the bats were thrown from. The owner of a near-by apartment was changing the joinery on his balcony when he discovered 56 bats that were in winter hibernation. His reaction to the discovery was to throw all of the bats he could grab off his balcony and the rest he buried within the walls of the building, by sealing them with insulation foam.

“The Wild Animals” organization representative said that they have spoken with the owner of the apartment, but only through the phone. The owner claimed that there were no bats in the apartment, while, at the same time, the animals were scratching and screeching from inside the walls. “The Wild Animals” managed to remove the insulation foam and free nine of the bats and for the rest, they had to drill holes in the wall. After the rescue operation was complete, the organization bought construction materials and fixed the damage they had done. “The Wild Animals” have announced that there is no fathomable explanation for such a brutality against animals. Anyone can contact the organization and get rid of animals troubling him, by still preserving their best interest. That is why they hope that the owner of the apartment will get accused for brutality against vertebrates, which can lead to a serious fine and one to three years of jail.

Anyone interested in "The Wild Animals" Foundation and their work, can follow them on their Facebook page.

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