The Price of Raising a Family in Bulgaria

The usual income required for a “nuclear” family of 4 people (parents + two children) to live a comfortable life in Bulgaria is around 2300 leva or €1150. This is according to data released during a conference of Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria.

Raising a family in Bulgaria

The report examines the third quarter of 2017. The average sum per capita in a family with two children would be 575 leva or around €285. Sadly, not many Bulgarians are meeting that mark, as the usual salary seems to be around 1000 leva. That average is 30% below the “minimum”. A combined family of two would come several hundred leva short of providing for their children. It’s unsurprising that Bulgaria is often mouthed as being in a “demographic crisis” by politicians.

The minimum monthly income requirement cited by CITUB is around 1400 leva. Only 25% of the population or 1.8 million people are making more money than that. The other 75% or 5.4 million are under that assessment.

The capital city of Sofia is understandably more expensive to live in than the countryside. The price of a family of 4 would be 3000 leva (€1500.) While the average salary is larger, with 1400 leva, it’s still not enough, given the higher prices of housing and food in Sofia.

Alex Dimchev
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