Hidden Camera Discovered in the Ladies’ Restroom in a School in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Who films the children? A hidden cam discovered in the ladies restroom in the mathematics high school, “Geo Milev” in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria raised far more questions than it managed to answer.

A hidden camera was discovered in the ladies restroom in the “Geo Milev” high school in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The device was found by a couple of students, who immediately tried to contact the principal about it, but they could not reach her, as she was on a leave for the day. As soon as she came back to the school, the principal personally took the camera to the police. Police shared that the camera was hidden among the coat hangers in the restroom and has not been broadcasting on the internet, but storing its recordings on a memory card.

The police have opened an official investigation against an unknown perpetrator. The principal of the school and some of the students have been questioned, but this has still not managed to provide any leads as to who placed the camera there. The psychologist Mladen Vladimirov shares that most probably this is either a prank, or someone’s attempt to play at being a reality director. In both cases, the videos would have most probably not ended-up on porn sites or any related media, since the videos would not be of good quality.

(Picture taken from: naagtag.com)

Bozhidar Lazarov

Bozhidar Lazarov is a freelance writer, hobbyist programmer and an aspired novelist. Feel free to follow him on https://www.minds.com/seriousways for his latest articles and personal projects.

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