The Leader Of "Ataka" Claims That There Is No Definition of the Word Corruption

When asked about his feelings on corruption, Volen Siderov the leader of "Ataka" - one of the three parties in the "United Patriots" commented that there is no clear definition of the word and one can mold it however they see fit.

Siderov also addressed the no-confidence motion against the government that the Bulgarian Socialist Party is currently preparing. He believes that the vote will fail because the support for the government is great and the coalition partners have a good working relationship. "The United Patriots will be there for the vote. And the vote will indeed fail," Siderov added. He admitted that it's the opposition's right to put forward such a motion but it is not expected to pass because the parliamentary majority is in favor of the government. 

Siderov believes that the subject of the motion is pretty right-leaning for a party such as the BSP (allegedly a leftist party). "The subject of corruption is something a right-leaning party would address because corruption only occurs under leftist governments," he said. This is, obviously, a flawed statement but it is hard for a convinced socialist to be in a coalition with a "right-leaning" party such as GERB, so let's cut him some slack. However, Siderov extends his point and makes it sound somewhat more reasonable. He added that a left-wing party should be more concerned with social inequality, labor, income, and healthcare and this particular no-confidence motion seems just like an attempt to irritate the government. 


Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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