An 18 Year old Bulgarian boy assaulted a Nurse at the “Pirogov” hospital and Committed Suicide Afterwards

Under the effects of drug withdrawal, the 18 year old Kaloyan from Sofia, Bulgaria physically assaulted a nurse at the “Pirogov” hospital and committed suicide in a private yard on the “Vasil Levski” boulevard.

The story of the 18 year old Kaloyan is as peculiar as it could get. There are many unanswered questions, which will probably remain like that for a very long time. The unfortunate story begins at Kaloyan’s apartment in Sofia. His father comes for a visit and finds him sitting on rice with a Bible in his hands. The whole apartment was turned upside-down and all the furniture was completely tarnished. The father immediately called emergency services. Not after long, a police car and an ambulance arrived at the address.

During Kaloyan’s stay at the “Pirogov” hospital in Sofia, blood tests have revealed the presence of illegal substances in the boy’s bloodstream. His parents are shocked from the discovery, since their child was an active athlete and has always strayed from drugs. As soon as the abstinence kicked in, the boy was personally restrained to the bed by his father. As he became more frantic, the father made a video of the opiates’ effects on the child’s mind, so he could show it to him after his system had been cleared.

None of the staff know how it happened, but at some point, the boy had released himself from the bed and physically assaulted the nurse who was caring for him. The beating was so severe, that her colleagues from the hospital say that she will need at least a month of intensive care to regain her health. After the assault, the boy ran out of the hospital wearing nothing but a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Even though he was standing out from the other pedestrians, he managed to travel over a kilometre, unobstructed in any way, enter the yard of a locked, private residence on the “Vasil Levski” boulevard and commit suicide.

This is where facts end and the blame game begins. Professional psychologists invited to Bulgarian media to share an opinion on the topic blame the parents for not paying enough attention to the odd changes in the boy’s character and the educational institutions for not offering adequate preparation for children to deal with the problems they may face in society. The parents are blaming a Russian sect by the name of “Anastasia”. According to the parents, their child was an honest and responsible person before meeting them. Citizen of the village Slaveikovo claim that the sect present themselves as eco activists, but live a shady life, hidden in a makeshift village near Slaveikovo, where access is restricted to outsiders. On the other hand, the hospital staff have suspicions that Kaloyan may have been using steroids to enhance his performance in sports. They also suspect that if the boy had taken psychotropic drugs, they may have reacted with the “diazepam” administered at the hospital.

While the ball is being passed from one side to the other, the facts do not change. A young boy has managed to release himself from his hospital bed restraints. Afterwards he travelled quite the distance to a locked private yard, where he committed suicide. How did he release himself, why was he not swiftly located and how did he gain access to the locked private building, are the real issues which will most probably go neglected over the shift of blame between all sides involved.

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