The Bus Accident on Trakiya Reveals a Systematic Abuse of Tachographs

The investigation into the bus accident on the southern highway "Trakiya" discovered a rather troubling truth about how the company owning the bus treats the tachographs. The printed results from the tachograph that were supposed to show when and for how long the bus driver stopped to rest, how long he drove and where he drove turned out to be the data of another driver. Meaning that there is missing information. One can only speculate what happened but there are two possibilities - either the driver took away his print from the tachograph, or it fell off during the accident. 

According to the Deputy Minister of Transportation Angel Popov "Union Ivkoni" - the company that owns the bus has been fined 28 times since the beginning of the year for tachograph misuse with the last couple of fines costing as much as 10 300 BGN (5700 Euro). 

The three plausible reasons for the crash are - tired driver, technical failure or another car crossing the bus's way. The main hypothesis, for now, is the driver falling asleep behind the wheel. The district attorney in Yambol says that the driver refuses to admit whether or not this was his second long drive for that day. Witnesses claim to have seen the driver drive from Burgas to Sofia the same day when he crashed during the Sofia-Burgas route. Representatives of "Union Ivkoni", however, claim that the driver had a 24-hour rest before getting back behind the wheel. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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