Bulgarians Protest "Grand Kanyon" Skyscraper Construction

The construction of a mixed-use skyscraper in the capital city led to protests. "Grand Kanyon" as it’s called, would be one of the largest buildings in Bulgaria, which will create several problems for the people in the surrounding area.

The People of Mladost vs. Grand Kanyon

The Grand Kanyon project will consist of a complex containing housing, entertainment, business, and tourism centers. The price tags of GK would be around 120 million leva and the building will be one of the tallest in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the Balkans at large. There are plans of constructing 3 skyscrapers in the surrounding area.

The people of Mladost, the district where the construction is taking place, are displeased with the project, citing concerns about pollution, overpopulation, and overurbanization. Grand Kanyon would also clog traffic of the already busy streets of Mladost.

The complex will have 6 buildings, including the skyscraper that would be more than 100-meters-tall. The large influx of both inhabitants, workers, and visitors in Grand Kanyon will create a lot of traffic in the surrounding area.

The representatives from the local government in Mladost were also against the project, stating that the district is getting cluttered with new buildings. The Grand Kanyon project probably won’t be stopped and the operation is expected to conclude around January 2018.

However, the problem is only going to get worse if the government doesn’t stop the careless and cluttered construction of new buildings in Sofia. Critics of the current policy claim that Grand Kanyon is borderline illegal and that the government granted the construction permits after several generous “donations” from the creators of the project – the Turkish firm “Garanti Koza.”

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