Autobus Overturned and Dragged on its roof for 20 meters on the “Trakia” Highway in Bulgaria

On the night of October 30, 2017, a bus overturned on the “Trakia” highway in South Bulgaria. According to witnesses, the driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel. 17 people have been injured.

On the night of October 20, 2017, a bus overturned in a gutter on the “Trakia” highway in Bulgaria. One of the witnesses claims that the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel from over exhaustion. An unnamed woman said that in the morning she traveled with the same driver from Pomorie to Sofia, a bus which leaves from Sunny Beach at 06:00 am. For the whole day, the driver has been alone, without a co-driver. Passengers from the bus have tried to keep the driver in line and awake, but their efforts have gone in vain.

The driver fell asleep and the bus entered the gutter on the side. Upon entering the gutter, the bus overturned and dragged on its roof for 20 meters. 17 people have been injured and taken to nearby hospitals in Bourgas and Yambol. As of now, only three people remain in the hospital for further observation, the rest have been released. Dr. Valentin Valchev from the “St. Panteleimon” hospital in Yambol says that things could have turned out quite worse. All of the victims were covered in diesel fuel and just a single spark could have created a nightmarish inferno.

The traffic on the “Trakia” highway has been restored. After the accident, only one lane could be used by vehicles, but now, the investigation of the crash has finished and the debris has been cleared. The driver of the bus has been arrested and is kept in custody. Still, there are many questions and responsibilities, which may not ever find their way to court. Among them is the question of the driver being alone, when according to transport law there should be, at least, two drivers, who take turns after a set amount of hours? Will the owner of the company be made accountable for allowing this to happen? Will this accident lead to a tighter control on passenger services? Only time will answer these questions and all others which may arise during the trial.

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