Nepotism Scandal Leads to the Resignation of Bulgarian Healthcare Minister

The Bulgarian Healthcare Minister Prof. Nikolai Petrov filled his resignation from his post following a nepotism scandal. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov accepted the resignation. It was discovered that during his time as the head of the Military Hospital in Sofia, Petrov signs a 1.2 million leva deal with the partner of his daughter Ruslana.

The Minister, who recently made the news by personally assisting an ambulance in the saving of a man, signed two deals with the company. That particular organization didn’t have any other business outside of the scandalous contract with the Military Hospital. That makes the whole scandal more dubious.

The head of the company lives with the daughter of the former Health Minister, Ruslana Petrova. Together they have a child.

According to the Bulgarian authorities, no laws were broken in the deal. However, Petrov still resigned. Boyko Borisov commented, “Morals are a matter of personal responsibility.” The Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov claimed that the scandal is a smear tactic to stop Petrov from “tightening up and fixing the ministry.”

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