Bulgarian Miner Struck by a 6000V Electrical Arc

A miner got struck by a 6000V electric arc while working in the “Krushev Dol” mines near Madan, Southern Bulgaria. Luckily, the man survived and was able to be interviewed by Bulgarian media.

“The guy upstairs decided I should live”

That’s the conclusion Vaklin Canev, the arc-struck miner reached in an interview with BTV news. This Wednesday, around the end of his usual shift, Vaklin was leaving the “Krushev Dol” mine. On his way out, there was an accident and Vaklin’s back was struck by a 6000V arc of electricity. Needless to say, that amount is extremely dangerous.

The miner got hurled into the nearby gutter “on the other side” of the mine as he puts it. The man is lucky to be alive and well. According to experts, the electricity could’ve easily killed him if it reached his heart or any vital organs. As it stands, Vaklin suffered only minor injuries to his knee. He will leave the hospital today.

The accident was due to unsecured wiring in the mine. Labor safety inspectors were sent to “Krushev Dol” to investigate.

(Picture from BTV News)

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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