24 year old man dies in a car crash After Hitting a Horse

24 year old man died on the road before the village Staro Oryahovo after he hit a horse with his car. The police have started a thorough investigation on the matter.

200 meters before the entrance sign to the village of Staro Oryahovo, a 24 year old man found his death. According to initially released data from the local police office, the man who had no driver’s license was driving a Volkswagen with a Varna registration plate with speed much over the appointed limit. That is why he could not effectively react to a horse which had climbed on the road. He hit the animal, his car swayed in the gutter and the driver died on the spot.

The police have also shared that the driver was alone in the vehicle. They have opened a thorough investigation on the case to pinpoint the exact reasons for the crash and the man’s death. Speeding is the prime reason for traffic-related deaths in Bulgaria that is why the Ministry of Internal affairs has decided to focus on penalizing such behavior much more severely. Increases in the fines for speeding and breaking safety regulations

(Picture taken from: konete.bg)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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