48 Municipal Projects have Received Funding on the “Beautiful Bulgaria” Project

The Ministry of Labour and Social Politics has issued a press release on the success of the “Beautiful Bulgaria” 2017 project. According to the released information, 48 municipal projects have received 7.2 million BGN of commutative funding.

The Ministry of Labour and Social politics has announced that during 2017, 48 municipal projects have been approved on the “Beautiful Bulgaria” project. The aim of the project is to provide funding for the renovation of public buildings. The commutative funding on the project was 7.2 million BGN (€3.6 million) 4 million of which have been assured by the beneficiary municipalities. The work on the approved projects has created 535 work places, 241 of the workers were unemployed before the beginning.

From October 2 until January 15, 2018, municipalities may apply for funding on the “Beautiful Bulgaria” 2018 project. Projects for the betterment of the social environment, social infrastructure and social services will be approved. For the year of 2018, the minimum project funding has been increased from 50,000 to 60,000 BGN and the maximum from 300,000 to 400,000 BGN.

During the opening of a renovated kindergarten in Vratza, The Minister of Labour and Social Politics Biser Petkov said that the publicly funded project for the renovation of the kindergarten has created 13 work places, where six of the people were previously unemployed. The corresponding training to the project has given professional education to 13 currently unemployed people.

(Picture taken from: dnes.bg)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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