Bulgarian Surgeons pull out a Five Kilogram Tumour from the Belly of a Child

Bulgarian surgeons at the “Pirogov” hospital have performed a record holding operation. After a four hour intervention they managed to pull out a five kilogram tumour from the belly of a child.

An unnamed Bulgarian child has set an unpleasant record, which baffled the surgeons at the “Pirogov” hospital in Sofia. The little girl’s parents had noticed a severe growth in the child’s abdomen. Worried, they went to their local paediatrician and eventually found themselves at Bulgaria’s biggest hospital “Pirogov”. After a thorough examination, it turned out that the girl had a cyst on one of her ovaries which had exponentially grown and filled the entirety of her abdominal cavity.

The surgical procedure on the removal of the growth has successfully concluded and if there are no complications present, the child could soon leave reanimation and re-join her family. The lead surgeon Stefan Stoilov said that never before in his practice had he seen such a big tumour in the body of a child. The mass of the growth was five kilogrammes and it was over thirty centimetres in size. Even though not on the happiest occasion, the girl’s tumour had set an unprecedented record in the hospital’s paediatric ward.

Bozhidar Lazarov

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