Bulgaria’s Vice President met with Bulgarian Community Representatives in Budapest, Hungary

During her visit in Hungary for the day of Bulgarian-Hungarian friendship, Bulgaria’s vice president Iliyana Yotova said that the Bulgarians abroad will be a priority during her mandate.

October 19, 2017 has been appointed as the day of Bulgarian-Hungarian friendship. That is why vice president Iliyana Yotova was invited to Budapest by the Bulgarian community in Hungary. During the meeting, representatives of the Bulgarian community requested the establishment of a national policy and strategic purposefulness for the Bulgarians living abroad. Yotova’s answer was that during her mandate as a vice president, Bulgarians living abroad will be a priority for her.

Another request by the Bulgarian community in Hungary was the re-establishment of the Bulgarian school “Hristo Botev”, which closed doors in the year of 2011. To re-open the school, community members have requested the commission of trained Bulgarian elementary school pedagogues, who are willing to work abroad for prolonged periods of time in order to aid their brethren. Another goal that the Bulgarian community has set was the legitimizing of Bulgarian language as an official national exam for high school graduates. Results of the talks should become apparent in the coming weeks.

(Picture taken from: cross.bg)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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