Bulgarian MP: We Will Keep Exposing the Government

In an interview with bTv Yordan Tsonev addressed some of the remarks made by his fellow-MPs from other parties in the National Assembly. Tsonev, who is currently representing the Movement for Rights and Liberties (DPS) in the Parliament, had some things to say after he and his party were attacked by one of the United Patriots' MPs. He said that DPS as part of the opposition will continue to expose the government, its lies, and discriminatory actions.

Tsonev is bothered by the rhetorics used by the UP's representatives, claiming that it is unacceptable to generalize whole ethnicities, especially when minorities make up 20% of Bulgaria's population. Tsonev admits that DPS has never wanted the nationalists in the government. "It's contrary to European practices," Tsonev claims.

Hate speech is also deemed as a great problem. The government should unite people and the Patriots' "hate speech" is destructive and divisive according to Tsonev. He mentioned that speech is an amazingly powerful tool - like shown in the Bible - addressing other ethnicities with "bitches", "cockroaches" and "monkeys" is sure to make certain 500 000 people(the minorities) very angry.

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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