Neighbours save a 61 year old Bulgaria man from Death by Starvation

A country-wide action to save the life of a 61 year old man was sparked by worried neighbours who posted the man’s story on social media.

The 61 year old Dimitar Karagyozov from Haskovo had fallen upon rough times. During his life he had always worked in heavy labour. He was a locksmith, a turner, operator of an excavator and a garbage collector. Two and a half years ago, he decided to retire, but he could not cover the minimum requirements, as he needed two more years of labour. That is when the tough times for him began. Unable to find a job, his savings quickly depleted, until he could no longer afford bread, or any modern conveniences as running water and electricity. He was forced to survive on whatever his neighbours could spare.

This year, they shared his story on social media and it turned the events to the good. Many people, whose hearts were touched by Dimitar’s story, decided to help him with whatever they could. Now the man has a new bed, proper furniture and new house appliances. Those who could not afford financial help would send the man letters with best wishes and hand-drawn paintings. Today, the 61 year old man has been saved from the degrading life he faced and can even afford to treat himself with a cup of hot coffee. Dimitar Karagyozov is thankful for all of the support people have shown towards him and says that the only thing he still needs in his life is a stable job.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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