MP from the United Patriots Calls Colleagues from Other Party Cockroaches

Valentin Kasabov, MP from the United Patriots, attacked the Movement for Rights and Liberties (DPS). There have been, in fact, many attacks coming from the Patriots. DPS, a dominantly turkish party, is not experiencing criticism or threats by nationalist/patriotic movements for the first time.

Kasabov and his entire party believe that Bulgarians, working for DPS are nothing but traitors. The Patriots' rhetoric is often times populist, condescending and divisive. For instance Kasabov's latest attack was aimed at Yordan Tsonev, whom he called a "turkish politician". Kasabov claimed that Tsonev is afraid of nationalism because nationalism means loving your motherland. Of course, this is a total misconception, because patriotism is the sense of love and duty towards the motherland. Nationalism usually ends with the purge of all ethnic minorities. So - if a representative of a party, mainly consisting of minority members, is afraid of nationalism - he probably is afraid for his life. 

But the "Patriot" didn't stop there. He went on to say that DPS should keep their mouths shut and not interfere with the Patriots' business or they will be crushed like the cockroaches they are. Okay, is it only me, or is this man crossing a line? I'm being rhetorical, but it seems to me that eversince the Patriots joined GERB to help them form a cabinet, their MPs have gotten quite arrogant. It is quite possible that due to mistakes from their beloved leader - Valeri Simeonov - the Patriots won't be seeing the interior of the Parliament after the next general election. 

Kasabov's colleague - Iskren Veselinov believes that DPS' actions have shown that there is hostility against Valeri Simeonov and that their ultimate goal is - a place in the government. Of course, there are some written and unwritten rules on how the government and the opposition should treat one another and threats are not present. However, let us not remember the morning of March 26th 2017. When Simeonov and quite honestly - his thugs were at the Turkish border and were stopping voters from coming into the country by force. Hitting them, pushing them. The act of "voting tourism" is certainly not one to encourage - the voters in question are turkish citizens, who happen to have Bulgarian passports. Those are people completely unaware of the political or social situation in the country and are travelling with transportation paid for by DPS or it's rebelious daughter party - DOST. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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