Super Star Bulgarian Body Builder Lazar Angelov

Bulgaria is a country full of naturally big bulky men, which makes sense as to why the country has broken so many records in bodybuilding. Bulgarian Lazar Angelov is one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world. But he’s more than just a meathead. He’s a model, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. Lazar Angelov has a physique most people would kill for, and his 5.8 million fans on Instagram prove just that.

Before he became a body-builder, Lazar played pro-basketball for almost ten years. He was so athletic that when he was just twelve, he joined the junior national team of Bulgaria, and later played point guard for teams on the National Basketball Association of Bulgaria. When he turned eighteen, he joined the Bulgarian military and found his passion for body-building. Before he became an internet sensation for his washboard abs, he was a struggling security guard who couldn’t find enough time to work-out. Through his dedication, he was able to build a following and win competitions with his lean, natural physique.

As a Bulgarian body-builder myself, I was surprised to know that Lazar never used performance-enhancing drugs. Not only that, but he doesn’t even use natural supplements that can help with the production of testosterone. It’s not hard to tell, though, as his physique is more natural compared to those who use steroids. He’s big, but he’s not a huge bulky rock, you can see his lean muscle mass through his bulking regimen.

As there are few Bulgarian international celebrities, we at EUScoop are proud of our national body-building hero. From becoming a poor security guard to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur who owns fitness apps and meal plans, Lazar Angelov is someone we can all look up to.